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Following many months of planning, Bowls Europe Ltd. was officially launched on Saturday, 25 September 2021.

This followed a unanimous vote at a European Bowls Union  A.G.M. for Bowls Europe to replace and continue the work it had done the previous 25 years.

Bowls Europe is a limited company incorporated in Scotland under Company Number SC691967.

We are lucky enough, thanks to the assistance and support of Bowls Scotland, to be based at their superb “National Centre for Bowling” in Ayr, Scotland.

The aim of Bowls Europe is quite simple and straightforward –

Fostering, safeguarding, promoting, developing and encouraging the growth of the Sport in Europe.

Bowls Europe, which is affiliated to World Bowls Ltd., works with countries in Europe. who are affiliated with World Bowls

All members of Bowls Europe are equal partners. The more established member countries, help, assist, encourage and support the smaller countries.

The European Team Championships, a very popular and successfully run tournament that was originally organised by the EBU, will continue under the auspices of Bowls Europe, though probably in a different format. It is the intention of Bowls Europe to establish other tournaments.

Photo of 2 Irish players at Bowls Europe Tournament

Information about tournaments that we organise can be found here.

The board of directors brings together decades of Bowling experience, in coaching, management of bowling clubs, organising tournaments, as well as a wind range of business skills. With the combination of the board, the experience and help it can call upon from its members, World Bowls, its member countries and the ability to work with the “big 4 bowling nations” in Europe – Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales – Bowls Europe is very well placed to continue the great work the EBU did, and help take bowling, in Europe, forward.

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