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Historical Tournament Results

The European Bowls Union hosted 12 lawn bowls tournaments called the “European Bowls Championships”, between 1997 and 2019.

Going forward, Bowls Europe will continue to organise, and run the International Bowls tournament, though in a revised format. The first such tournament Bowls Europe will run will be held on the 9th through Thursday 14th July 2021. It is being hosted by Bowls Scotland at the National Centre for Bowling, Ayr, Scotland.

Aside from the “European Bowls Championships”, in the coming years, Bowls Europe will host other, new, lawn bowls tournaments.

As the bowls tournaments are announced, and during the run-up to these tournaments, you will find information about them here.

As tournaments are being played, you will be able to read more information about them and follow the progress of the tournaments as they unfold, here.

As the competition of the tournaments, links to news, information and the results of them will be found below.

Results of the European Bowls Union tournaments can be found below.

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