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Bowls Europe Ltd (incorporated in Scotland under Company Number SC691967) is a self funding, not for profit organisation. We are limited company incorporated in Scotland under Company Number SC691967. 

The organisation is run by a board of directors on a voluntary basis. 

Our mission and aims are straight forward with regard to our involvement in Lawn Bowls (a.k.a. Flat Green Bowls) – 

Fostering, safeguarding, promoting, developing and encouraging the growth of the Sport in Europe.

As you can imagine to accomplish this takes funding. The only guaranteed income we receive is a nominal, annual membership fee that we receive from our members, currently numbering 19 countries (as of March 2022). You can view a list of our members by clicking here

Therefor, to accomplish this work we require to garner funding from other sources. We do this via selling advertising, creating partnerships and working with various entities through sponsorship.

Bowls Europe enjoys great relationships and associations with –

  • Our member countries throughout Europe, their member clubs and their members.
  • The other associations we work with including World Bowls Ltd and subsequently, various lawn bowls associations throughout the world (and subsequently their thousands of members).
  • Our relationships with various leading Lawn Bowls Publications and other media outlets.

Those relationships in combination with our Social Media setup means we can offer a lot of “value”  to those who work with us. No matter which type of partnership companies etc deice to work with us with we offer great “value for money” for their assistance. We always aim to have a win – win relationship with all our partners.

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We can offer “advertising deals” to suit you through our website – Length of time, size of advert etc. Along with the placement of an advert we also send out information of our sponsors once a month (more if you require), for the duration of your advertising campaign.

Aside from advertising via our website you can also choose to advertise during one of our events, or of course a combination of both, which dependent upon your needs and of course budget, is a good choice to maximise your exposure and therefor your “exposure”.

To discuss advertising with us please contact us via the form below….


Partnerships with Bowls Europe Ltd can take many forms…..

  • Year round partnership which can take many forms, e.g. partnerships that have mutually beneficial benefits for you and Bowls Europe.
    Again, through such partnerships can take many forms and can be “tailor made” to suit both parties.
  • A partnership deal to run during one of our events. This can take many forms and don’t need to involve up front payments. One such example is a partnership where you sell a product at one of our events, we help promote you and we earn a commission from the sales.
    Again, such deals can be “tailor made” to suit your needs.

To discuss entering a partnership with us , please contact us via the form below…


Sponsorship deals with Bowls Europe Ltd can take many forms….

  •  Longterm sponsorships – year on year – this type of sponsorship is obviously very valuable to Bowls Europe, as it allows us to budget better in the longer term. As such this form of sponsorship is wholly tailor made to suit both parties, but would include as a base line of, advertising on our site, a page on our site detailing your business, regular promotion of your business via our social media outlets, promotion during any events or tournaments we run.
  • Sponsorship / part sponsorship of an event or tournament – Along with promotion /advertising leading up to, during the event and after the event, this will include promotion through our social media and your business included in articles in all publications regarding the event.
  • Sponsorship via equipment, software etc. This type of sponsorship will, again, be tailor made to suit but will include entry on our website and promotional work.
To discuss a sponsorship deal with us, please contact us via the form below….

Other ideas.....

These are our main means of funding, however if you have an idea how you could help us we are open to any idea or proposition you wish to discuss. To do so, please contact us via the form below….

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