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For any organisation to achieve its aims and goals it requires the people who manage it and work for it, to have the necessary skills to accomplish them. Bowls Europe Ltd. is no different.

Like any sports organisation, aside from the business skills, most people would think of, it also requires a “big pinch” of experience in the sport itself. It requires a good mix of hard business skills AND “softer” skills and experience in lawns bowls, so it understands the needs, the mechanics and needs of tournaments, players, sponsors and other key people.

Aims of Bowls Europe –

“Fostering, safeguarding, promoting, developing and encouraging the growth of the Sport in Europe.”

We 100%, believe, that the Bowls Europe board ticks all the skills required to deliver on its aims. Indeed, it exceeds what is required….

The “hard skills” of business, a solid grounding in the requirements of running bowling clubs up to and including National / International Organisations, playing at the highest levels of the sport of Lawn bowls, organising and promoting tournaments, and dealing with key players from various organisations, required to finance the tournaments…. In all, the current board member have a wide variety, though complimentary,  set of business skills, have over 120 years of playing experience at the highest levels, over 200 years serving in various roles of bowling organisations….As they say in baseball, all bases are covered.

If that isnt enough, Bowls Europe has the skills of it members, World Bowls, and various large scale traditional companies to call upon and work with.

Below you can “meet” the members of the board. If you want to see more information about each of them or contact them, simply click on their profile.

Bowls Europe Board


Bob Christie 250

Bob Christie

Appointed Director

Jock Halliday 250

Jock Halliday

Event Director

Robert Stirling Photo

Robert Stirling

Marketing & Social Media Director

Graham Cathcart 250

Graham Cathcart

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