Marketing & Social Media Director

Graham Cathcart

Marketing & Social Media Director

Graham Cathcart

Graham Cathcart 250
  • Management of the Company’s Website and Social Media platforms
  • Liaison between the Board and the local marketing events coordinators
  • Coordination of the Company’s Brand with stakeholders
  • Producing the Company’s marketing and promotional materials
Date Elected - September 25, 2021

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Background info....

Graham has been "playing" bowls since he was 2 when he got a "present" of plastic, water-filled bowls. From then, as soon as he was able to "throw" real bowls he was playing bowls on any available patch of grass or in his grandparents living room. Their furniture lay testament to that fact.

At 11, he joined Eddlewood B.C., Hamilton, Scotland, before joining Raploch B.C., Larkhall 26 years later. In 2004, he moved to Tenerife and joined Teide B.C..

Whilst a member of Raploch B.C. he became a member of the committee and Selection committee. He also qualified as a coach under the auspices of the S.B.A.

He has served on the committee of Teide B.C. for the past 15 years, 12 years of which as Match Secretary.

He has represented Spain, at International level, since 2012 and has competed in various tournaments, including 2 World Championships and 3 European Championships where he has won 2 Bronze medals.

Graham is currently the player/manager of the Spanish squad.

Professionally, Graham is a qualified Corporate & Personal coach, a trained negotiator, is qualified in various interview techniques and has vast management experience. He also has a broad range of experience in website design, YouTube, Marketing and Social Media.

For the past 12 years, Graham and his partner have operated Tenerife Green Bowls, a bowls complex in Tenerife, which aside from including an 8 rink international quality, fully floodlit bowling green, includes a restaurant, bistro and function suite.

Member of :  

Teide B.C. / Tenerife Green Bowls, Tenerife
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