European Bowls Mixed Pairs Championships 2023

Bowls Europe Mixed Pairs Championships 2023 - Bowls News

Bowls Europe is delighted to announce the date for the inaugral “European Bowls Mixed Pairs Championships 2023”



European Bowls Mixed Pairs Championships 2023


The official practice day will take place on Thursday 21st, September, with the event starting on Friday 22nd and ending on Sunday 24th of September. It will be hosted by Tenerife Green Bowls at their Bowling complex in Winter Gardens, Golf del Sur Tenerife – one of Europe’s Premier Bowling venues.

Tenerife Green Bowls - Hosts of the European Bowls Mixed Pairs Championships 2023

Bowls Europe committed, with the approval of its members, to begin hosting other tournaments aside from the European Championships. After much discussion with the board and consultation with its members, it was decided to make the first new tournament to be a mixed Pairs tournament.

All 19 members of Bowls Europe may enter the tournament, which will comprise one male and one female player.

Bowls Europe are delighted “Tenerife Green Bowls“, in conjunction with the “Federación Española de Bolos“, agreed to host the event.

The combination of Tenerife Green Bowls, Federación Española de Bolos and Bowls Europe will undoubtedly result in a very well run, memorable event, where some of the best players and best up and coming players from around Europe will compete in this prestigious, International, lawn bowls event.

Julie Lincoln,  owner of Tenerife Green Bowls in Tenerife, said, “I am delighted to have the honour of Tenerife Green Bowls hosting the first-ever Bowls Europe Mixed Pairs Championships.”

“We are already planning and working on making this a successful tournament alongside Bowls Europe Ltd.”

“We look forward to welcoming Bowls Europe, the players from different countries from around Europe, their support staff and spectators. Aside from those visiting, we are working on being able to allow those who can’t travel to watch the games live, watch interviews and other ideas to gain interest in the tournament and sport in general.


Julie Lincoln - Owner of Tenerife Green Bowls S.L.

Bob Christie, Bowls Europe Chair, added: “Bowls Europe is delighted that Tenerife Green Bowls, in conjunction with the Federación Espanola de Bolos is hosting the inaugural Bowls Europe Mixed Pairs Championship 2023″.

“We felt that by holding a mixed pairs event, involving International teams in Europe we would fill a void, as no other such event is held in Europe. It is a tournament which our members welcomed being organised.”

“Bowls Europe are determined to continue to innovate to assist in helping grow the sport.”


Bob Christie - Chair person of Bowls Europe Ltd.

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