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Fostering, safeguarding, promoting, developing and encouraging the growth of the Sport in Europe since 1995.

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Bowls Europe is born....

In June 1995, the European Bowls Union (EBU) was “born”. It was the brain child of the late Alan Williams, a Past President of World Bowls and Secretary of the Welsh Bowling Association and Roy Peacock, a Past President of the English Bowling Association.

Both men believed there was a need for an organisation to promote, foster and develop the sport of Bowls throughout mainland Europe, both in those countries where the sport was being played, and in those countries where bowling was already established.

The organisation then went on a long, successful journey, thanks to many people and through the support of the member countries.

That journey continued until Saturday 25 September 2021, where, after over a year of planning, the member countries voted unanimously on a motion to rebrand and reorganise in a new limited company – Bowls Europe Ltd.

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